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Имя: Matthias (mjoseph@web.de), Hamburg, Germany
Not only a very nice and useful presentation in internet but also a perfect and serious service of Glemus-agency in Chisinau. Fantastic apartment, interesting city of Chisinau, friendly people. I will come back to Moldova!
Дата [2003-02-18 11:05:27]

Имя: p costa , london england
I have been to Chisinue,Moldova, twice now in the past two years without thinking of any do"s and dont"s but after reading your infomation about going to Moldova as a visiter i will take more precautions although i did not have a too much of a problem on privious visits i have to take notice about all the advise thats on your web site. I"m gratefull and thank you
Дата [2003-01-18 20:16:08]

Имя: MARCO BERTOLOTTI (marco.bertolotti@totalfinaelf.), MILANO
Thanks to the very professional assistance of Glemus, my stay in Moldova has been a great and unforgivable experience.
Дата [2003-01-02 04:47:37]

Имя: Robert Ebik (designall2002@yahoo.com), Houston TX USA
first of all Thanks to you to helping us to find information about Moldova.
I like to find furniture manufacturing company in Moldova.would you help me to find companies there.I like to import furniture and maybe I will invest in moldova olsa.

Thank you

I&I design furniture inc.
Дата [2002-10-19 16:15:55]

Имя: Natalia (manson2001@inbox.ru), Mulhausen
Excellent services!!! I have learned a lot of information from your web-site. It really helped me to rent a good apartment, without spending a lot of time. It was a good idea to place pictures of the apartments at the site. You did a good job. I appreciate it and intend to use your services in future. Wish you success and reliable business partners.

Faithfully yours,
Дата [2002-09-03 07:01:55]

Имя: Muhammed Mazhar Memon (sadaat@gem.net.pk), Pakistan
I like so much this site and i would like to say that this site will develope a Tourism and Invetment as i am System Anaylist in Computer Field so i can say that i have ever seen this kind of website which is count in best website
Дата [2002-07-06 13:15:22]

Имя: Anatolii (anatolii_s@mail.ru), Chisinau
Здравствуйте уважаемые !
То, что Вы сделали, это просто замеча-
тельно, правда не хватает молдав-
ского и русского перевода, ну и нем-
ножко хотя-бы о себе и время пере-
ведите на летнее.
С уважением Анатолий.
Дата [2002-05-26 16:20:52]

Имя: mihai partac (mihai_partac@personal .ro), bucuresti
un sait fain, a-si vrea sa aflu mai multe despre voi(cine sunteti, cum v-a venit ideea, de cat timp sunteti "in business" )sunt inclinat sa fac ceva asemanator in Romania si sunt dispus la colaborari.
Дата [2002-05-10 04:25:10]

Имя: dana (dana.sabo@gmx.de), germany
i liked your site best; very valuable information.
thank you.

kind regards
Дата [2002-04-12 08:58:17]

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