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If you are an archeology buff, you will not want to miss the historical places, located on the banks of the rivers of Moldova.  These are the spots where scientists have found the remnants of a medieval Moldovan town and four cliff monasteries (dated in the 10th century).  In the northern part of Moldova, near Rudi village the scientists found more than 250 archeological monuments, one of which is an antique town Metonym, mentioned by Herodotus, a Greek ancient philosopher.

Moldova doesn’t have mountains, but boasts in its caves.  The biggest cave, called Emil Racovitza, is located in the northern part of the country.  This cave is 89 km in length and is the third longest gypsum cave.  It consists of a maze of halls and tunnels, where you can easily get lost.  The lining of the walls is of an amazing array of colors.  Remainders of a civilization existent here 50 000 years ago were found in five caves.

You might be curious to know that in Moldova:

  • There are 30 monasteries (some of them dating back to 15th century) and wood churches.
  • The oldest oak tree here is 600 years old.
  • The biggest animal that ever lived on this territory is "Denoterium", a breed of what is known to be like an elephant.  The animal's skeleton is now preserved in the ethnographic museum and is considered to be the second biggest in Europe.
  • There are more than 40 parks in Moldova (old arrangements of different tree species, exotic plants and lakes) from which 20 are in good repair.
  • The biggest park is Tzaul Natural Reservation (46 ha), offering quiet and beautiful settings.  There are more than 385 of such protected zones, the most interesting places being the caves and the coral formations (toltry).

As you see, in spite of economic and political problems, there are many interesting places in Moldova.

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