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The sovereign independent state of Moldova occupies a territory of 33,843 sq km and is geographically located in the Southeastern part of Europe. In the North, East and South it is bordered by Ukraine, in the West the Prut River separates Moldova from Romania. The Dniester and the Prut are the biggest rivers in Moldova, while the Danube River runs along about 1 km of our border. The Danube is Moldova’s only outlet to the sea, and now a port is being built on that small piece of land.

You can traverse Moldova from its Eastern border to the Western one in only four hours by car. As you travel across, you will see vivid views of sloping hills. The forests alternate with orchards, vineyards, and corn fields, and wherever you go in Moldova you will see walnut trees lining up the roads. One can become easily fascinated with its picturesque nature.

Although Moldova is not rich in mineral wealth, there are considerable deposits of mineral resources used as raw material for producing building materials. Now, with the sky-rocketing of construction industry in Moldova, that is very handy, but we’ll talk more about it later.

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