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Moldova is one of the fifteen republics that made up the former Soviet Union.  In 1990, when the Soviet Union collapsed, this country has, finally, gained its independence.  Little did Moldova know of what it’s awaiting ahead!  There were good things: the Russian official language was changed to Romanian; the red flag of the country was replaced by the tricolor flag; the borders with Romania, part of which Moldova used to be, re-opened and many people could reconnect with their beloved ones. But there were bad things, too.  

Economically, the country felt on its face.  Empty stores and long lines have become the norm.  The people of Moldova, for whom the government has always provided food, medical assistance, education and jobs, now were faced with providing it on their own, while being totally unequipped for it.  But things have changed since.  You will get the picture as you continue reading, but for now, let us have a little introduction to the geography of Moldova.

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